Next Event!

Next up in my photographic calendar is the highly anticipated, annual High Focus Records event at the legendary Concorde 2, Brighton.

With this line up featuring UK Hip-Hop legends Dirty Dike, Fliptrix, Verb T, DJ Sammy B-Side and many more talented Hip-Hop heads sure to bring the vibes this Friday in Brighton, it is set to be a very big evening, one surely not to be missed. I have been following these guys and others in the scene for a few years now and once I was shown the way I have never looked back from their earthy and raw lyrical abilities.

To be given the chance to photographically capture the event is huge for me and I simply cannot wait to hear them live in my favorite seaside town once again, but not only that, I cannot wait to see the photographic results from the always energetic HF Records crew!  

Tickets are still available for this event, the link will be posted below. 

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